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Nicole is a fabulous educator. She broke down posing into steps that I will hopefully be able to incorporate into my own photography.
— Karen Conrad
I learned a lot from this class. Thank you Nicole for breaking it down in baby steps.
— Arnett Luce
This was an excellent class! I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
— Dawn Rhoten Lincoln




Mentorships sessions are designed with you in mind. We talk about your concerns, dreams, what you need to work on to achieve your photographic goals, and build custom plans to help you achieve them. Nothing is off limits.
Fill out this Mentorship application so I can make sure that we will be a good fit, and I'll follow up with an email so we can start the process. I can't wait to chat with you!


Name *
Which mentorship are you interested in? Single Session are 1 hour, Full Sessions are 4 hours, and Full Sessions with Guided shoots are 4 hours plus shoot time
Tell me not only who you admire, but WHY you admire their work. If you'd like to emulate their work, mention that as well.
We will try to cover as much as possible in our time together, but to ensure that you walk away learning what's most important to you, let me know your main goals. These could include things like; off camera flash, posing, manual mode, branding, discovering your style, studio lighting, etc
Give me a quick rundown of how much technical skill you have, your knowledge of the exposure triangle, what mode you customarily shoot in, and anything else you think will give me a good idea of your skill level
Include camera body, lenses, lighting, etc
Photoshop, LR, Alien Skin, Capture One, etc
I'll look over your port to see where you need to improve.
Include any links where your work can be seen and where you interact with potential customers
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By checking these boxes, I am giving my full consent to abide by the stipulations set forth in this agreement and consider each checked box as my legally binding signature stating that I have read and agree to these terms and conditions.

Guides & Tutorials


The Foundations of Boudoir Posing will build confidence in posing and up photographer's sales by teaching them the basics of posing multiple body types so they can get flattering, sell-able photos of any client.

"This guide does exactly as it says in the beginning, it gives you the basic recipe, whether you add ingredients or not is up to is beneficial to amateur and professional photographers alike because It really takes you back and reminds you to remember the basics when posing."

Kailey Blowers

Strong Memories Photography


"A good guide with solid information that will enable the aspiring boudoir photog to hit the ground running."

Vernon Armstrong