The Beautiful Miss B

This session was so much fun. There was music, dancing, me blowing hair around with a hair dryer while desperately balancing a camera in my other hand, and lots and lots of laughter...mostly her laughing at me while I pointed a blow dryer blindly at her hair and tried to keep it out of the shot with one hand, ha!

When I contacted her for the reveal, she told me that she was nervous to see her her photos, which is NUTS because...honestly...look at this woman! She's a gorgeous human being with a personality to match.
I am so glad that she walked away with a beautiful folio box full of images because too often women get so involved with work or kids or whatever in our lives that takes up our time and attention, that we don't take the time to stop and love ourselves the way we deserve and, when we do set aside for something like a pedicure or even getting dressed up for a night out, we never have gorgeous photos that showcase us at our best and so perfectly preserve the memory.

Miss B, I hope you look at your photos and never, ever doubt that you are a work of art.