The True Magicians

I got my love of science fiction and fantasy from my dad. While my mom would rather have watched or read something based in the real world, my dad told me about reading Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian. He introduced me to movies with completely improbable plot lines, crazy action flicks where people literally soared through the air, and my much beloved Star Wars.

Both of us loved anything improbable, as long as it was cool. Many of my favorite books and movies centered around some kind of magic because I was always intrigued with the notion that people were so much more, capable of so much more, than our appearances would lead others to believe; that magic was the real world, and our mundane experiences were just a cloak for things much more meaningful than we could ever know, things beyond our understanding.

I've been writing about, drawing and photographing fantastical things since I was little, (unicorns and fairies, anyone?) and the belief that there is something magical inside of us has never gone away, but it's only been in the last month or so, while thinking about this personal project, that I truly understood where that love came from. Thanks, Daddy.

While brainstorming and planning my upcoming personal project, I stumbled upon the realization all of a sudden and the way everything fit so perfectly together did, indeed, feel like magic.
My goal was to photograph artists who make a living by creating things, and to photograph them in the places that facilitate their creations. I didn't realize what I was really planning to photograph the wizards in their own proverbial towers.

After all, what are artists except sorcerers who take their own will and their two hands and create something where there was nothing, Alchemists who combine different elements until they create something startling, magicians who use countless hours of practice (and lots of cursing...see what I did there?) to pull something incomprehensible out of the ether and SHAZAM! leave you with a real thing that can be touched and used, that can create joy out of thin air or inspire rebellions. 

In my desire to photograph artists like myself, I've discovered that what I'm really doing is taking portraits of The True Magicians, and that is a magical undertaking, indeed.

I'd love it if you would follow along on this journey. I'll be creating portraits, with a little bit of magic, of a range of artists from writers, bakers, makeup artists, designers, painters, digital artists, photographers and others. 

If you know of someone who makes their living creating and you think they would be a perfect person for me to photograph for my project, The True Magicians, please leave me a comment, share this blog post with them, and pass along my email address. I want as many people as possible on this journey with me as I show the world that there really is magic out there...something my Dad knew all along.



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