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Ever since I was little, I've been trying to create what was in my imagination, whether through words or imagery. My tool of choice used to be a pencil but, once I got a camera in my hands, I never looked back.

My favorite thing to do now is take a concept and bring it to life with a talented team behind me.

Seeing my images bring a smile to someone's face, bring more clients in their doors, get hired, or just fire up their imaginations, is what makes all the effort worth while.

Nicole is a Commercial and Editorial photographer serving Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado as well as the Denver Metro area including Boulder and Aurora. Nicole specializes in telling stories through creative concepts and careful use of lighting techniques. Able to use natural light and studio light with equal facility, Nicole is comfortable getting exactly what her client needs in any environment.

As a staff writer for, Nicole uses her experience and knowledge to elevate the industry by helping photographers learn new techniques and strengthen their skillsets. 


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Three part interview with The Fashion Photography Podcast where Nicole discusses portfolio reviews, developing a style, marketing, and more.

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Nicole is a Senior Staff Writer for
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Behind the Scenes

See the behind the scenes of The Princess and the Pea in the annual Tethertools How I Got the Shot guide where Nicole was featured.

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Podcast Interview

Interview with Idea Accelerator Podcast of Colorado Springs, where Nicole talks about her journey as a photographer, advice for networking, and how commercial photography is different from other genres. You can listen to the interview on iTunes or at Studio809